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Orbic offers a variety of tour packages, as well as the ability for customers to design their own, custom tours. Come and see the world the way it was meant to be seen! A scenic helicopter flight is truly a life-changing experience and provides memories you’ll never forget.

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Depart Camarillo and join California’s scenic Pacific Coast Highway for a beautiful trip down Southern California’s famous Malibu coastline. From the towering cliffs of the Santa Monica mountains to the sprawling celebrity mansions and famous beaches of Malibu, you’re in for a visual treat.


From Camarillo, your flight will make its way from the beaches of Oxnard to the foothills of Ventura county. After circling Lake Casitas, you’ll witness the secluded beauty of the picturesque Ojai Valley before venturing higher into the sheer heights and spectacular cliff-faces of the Topa Topa Mountains. Descending out of the mountains, you’ll catch a glimpse of Santa Paula and the Santa Clara river before floating back into Camarillo.


Experience the coastline of Ventura County as you’ve never seen it before: departing Camarillo, your flight will proceed directly to the beach, where you’ll be treated to views of Ventura Harbor, the pier, C-Street’s world-famous surfing beaches, and the scenic Ventura State Beaches, where California’s coastal range meets the sea.


Your pilot will select a departure time and tour route to provide the best possible light for scenic viewing and photography as the sun makes its way toward the horizon for a dramatic sunset. Once the sun has set, you’ll experience the orange, pink, and purple after-glow, followed by a few minutes of city lights shimmering against a cobalt-blue sky as the day finally comes to an end. Perfect for photographers or a romantic occasion.


This model rugged helicopter was used intensively during the Korean War as an aerial ambulance to transport wounded to MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) units. Strap in and enjoy a ride in our fully restored classic 1963 *MASH* helicopter.


Choose your own adventure! Orbic’s experienced pilots and capable aircraft stand ready to make your sightseeing dreams a reality. Select and combine elements of other packages, or specify your own route! We can take you on a basic tour flight anywhere within twenty-five miles of your departure airport (typically Camarillo, although we can arrange to fly you from other locations as well). Tour flights must be non-stop flights that originate and terminate at the same location. Want to go further afield, or begin and end the flights at different locations? Consider booking a flight through our charter program! Charter flights can go anywhere in the lower forty-eight states and make as many stops as you like!