Orbic Helicopters is pleased to offer gyrocopter flight training using our Magni M16 and M24 aircraft. Gyrocopters fall under the FAA’s rotorcraft category, meaning that if you already have a helicopter pilot’s license adding a gyroplane rating to your existing rotorcraft certificate can be a quick and straightforward process. Simply train with your instructor so you can perform the required maneuvers for a check-ride and you are ready to add your gyroplane rating! There are no specified hours of flight training required in this case, but we do require a minimum of 10 hours flight training for candidates who intend to operate their own gyro.

Here we can train you to add on the Sport Pilot Gyroplane endorsement!

No previous helicopter rating? Not a problem at Orbic Helicopters. For those who are starting from scratch, we offer flight training in your own aircraft at the reduced dealer rate for a Magni Gyro purchased through Orbic Helicopters.

As a Magni Gyro dealer, Orbic has you covered through every step of your gyro adventure: from earning your rating to customizing and ordering your own machine. Become part of the gyroplane family with support and camaraderie. Come and experience the joy of gyro flight with us!