With our roads struggling to cope with overpopulation and an increasingly-distracted and accident-prone motoring public, it’s no secret that traffic in Southern California has become a real bore. Instead of spending long, stressful hours fighting your way through urban sprawl at ground-level, why not arrive at your destination comfortably (in a fraction of the time) by utilizing our helicopter charter services? With access to numerous airfields located throughout the LA basin, as well as the possibility of arranging a pickup or drop-off directly at your destination, Orbic Helicopters is pleased to offer custom charter services that will elevate your travel experience.

Orbic Helicopters is an FAA-authorized, Part 135 Air Carrier. We offer on-demand charter services using a pair of well-appointed Robinson R66 helicopters. We are currently equipped for daytime flight (up to one hour after sunset) and can accommodate a variety of destinations. Whether you’re headed to LAX to catch a flight, or would like to arrive at your favorite countryside getaway in style and convenience, Orbic’s aircraft and pilots are here to help you get there stress-free and on-schedule.



Scenic Flights / Touring: Want to see California in all its glory? There’s no better way than from the sky! Whether you’d like to fly the coast, visit wine-country, or make your way to Palm Springs or Vegas in style, Orbic has you covered.

Airport Transfer: Got a flight to catch? Have visitors arriving who you’d like picked up in style? Skip the traffic and arrive at your airport stress-free and in a fraction of the time. Orbic can deliver you to any of the international airports in the LA area (LAX, Burbank, John Wayne / Orange County, Van Nuys, etc). Hop off one of our helicopters and be shuttled to your airline terminal in a matter of minutes, rather than fighting your way through traffic for hours.

Wine Country Tours: Orbic has partnered with several regional wineries to allow you explore southern California’s wine country in style and comfort. Book a day-trip with us today and experience the scenic beauty of the Santa Ynez valley: tour the valley, land, taste, enjoy, and throw a case or two in the back for the trip home!

Channel Islands Getaway: Visit the Channel Islands without spending hours rolling around on the sea! Orbic Helicopters is your gateway to the Channel Islands via Catalina Airport or direct to Avalon’s exclusive heliport.

Date Night / Proposal / Wedding Flights: Few things are as romantic as scenic helicopter flight! Soak up the beauty of the California coast. With our charter flights there is no limit on how far you can fly. Scenic landings at romantic locales may also be possible. Call the office for more information.

Festival Transportation: Coachella, Stagecoach, Burning Man – skip the hundreds of miles of traffic and spend more time enjoying your weekend. With numerous small, local airfields available and the possibility of landing directly at, or adjacent to the venue, a helicopter charter can be breathtaking and convenient!

Los Angeles Downtown: Need to get to downtown LA? Call to inquire about utilizing the Maguire Heliport (located immediately adjacent to downtown Los Angeles). Maguire offers unparalleled convenience for those who require easy access to the city center.

Other: The sky’s the limit! The ideas listed here represent a small fraction of the potential uses for one of our amazing helicopters! Have your own proposal? Call the office today!



Orbic operates a pair of reliable, comfortably-equipped, turbine-powered R66 helicopters for our charter program. These rugged, capable aircraft provide comfortable seating for up to three adult passengers, with an additional fourth, center-seat for smaller passengers or shorter journeys. Both aircraft sport leather interiors and are fully air-conditioned. Unlike other Robinson helicopters, the R66s are also equipped with generously-sized cargo bays for transporting luggage or other items. Additionally, one of our aircraft is equipped with a whole-aircraft emergency flotation system, allowing for extended over-water operations.

The R66 is an ideal choice for small traveling parties and scenic destinations. The open cabin provides a comfortable seating environment with excellent outward visibility and there are no claustrophobic bulkheads isolating parts of the passenger compartment. The aircraft’s low operating costs and light weight offer our clients great flexibility. The R66 is considerably more economical to operate than other commonly-available single- and twin-engine helicopters. Its small size and light weight make for a minimal landing footprint both in terms of required space and the amount of rotor wash produced by the helicopter. These attributes give the R66 access to a broad variety of off-airport, unimproved landing locations which might be impractical for larger aircraft.


Although helicopters are exceptionally flexible tools, Orbic’s charter services are constrained by a few considerations. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a helicopter charter:

Range: Helicopters trade speed and endurance for versatility and the ability to hover. As a result, their range is somewhat limited when compared to airplanes. The maximum un-refueled range of the R66 is approximately 225-275 nautical miles. Actual achievable range (and flight time) are dependent on winds and other weather conditions, as well as terrain / routing considerations. The aircraft can, of course, be refueled to enable longer flights, but keep in mind that fuel stops will be required and will add to the overall travel time.

Landing Zone Suitability: While airport-to-airport operations are nearly always possible, off-airport operations are subject to some constraints. Preparing for an off-airport operation may take several days – as such, we suggest making inquiries regarding off-airport operations at least two days in advance of your travel plans. Here are some things to consider when contemplating off-airport landings:

– Land-owner permission is required to operate the helicopter from private or government property.

– Although pilots in the US are generally free to land anywhere they have received permission, some municipalities may have local ordinances prohibiting off-airport takeoffs and landings.

– Suitability of site: Even in areas where land-owner permission has been secured and local ordinances do not prohibit landings, it is important to select a site with relative privacy for helicopter operations. Operations in congested areas or where noise-pollution / proximity to neighbors are a factor may not be practical.

– Additional Fees: When operating out of private heliports or other property, owners may exact a landing fee. They may also require the aircraft operator to purchase additional liability insurance for these operations. If applicable, these fees will be included in your quote.

Weather: The Orbic helicopters fleet is certified for daytime operations (within one hour before sunrise / one hour after sunset) in what are called “Visual Meteorological Conditions.” Essentially, this means that – for your safety – our aircraft are unable to operate inside of clouds or in areas of extremely poor visibility. While Southern California’s weather is typically quite accommodating in this regard, there will inevitably be instances where flights are not possible due to poor weather conditions, and must be delayed or cancelled. We will make every effort to notify travelers as soon as possible if weather conditions appear likely to impact flight operations.